Slide The place for social driven NOTAMs, JumpSeat
is the source for the ops information
that you won't find anywhere else.
The place for social driven NOTAMs, JumpSeat
is the source for the ops information
that you won't find anywhere else.
Socially Driven Reports
Think Waze--but for Pilots
The unexpected will happen. Why hope that your ground handler or operations team will uncover the unknown? Rely on the JumpSeat community to be informed on what’s actually going on.
Information is Valuable
Stop Relying on Web Searches
Ground handler running a scam? Air Traffic Control not treating you right? Your co-workers and NOTAMs can only get you so much information. Know what you need to know, when it happens.
Join the Community
We're all in this together.
The community knows when things are off. Don’t wait for NOTAMs – JumpSeat we’ll give you the ops information you need in real-time before you operate. Join the collection of pilots who know JumpSeat is the situational awareness of the future.

If it impacts your operation–
we want to know.

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    Keep them Ground Handlers honest.
    Ground handler ripping you off? Not showing up at your plane? Pop it in JumpSeat...and feel free to name names.
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    Rest easy with Civil Unrest
    Protests happen. You don't have to find out when you're there. Our community will help you avoid the picket signs and police barricades.
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    Runway and Taxiway conditions?
    One time, a commercial flight flew into an airport. After landing, the airport manager let the pilot know the useable runway length was actually 900' less than advertised. Would have been nice to know.
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